We can slit any coil up to 48” in width, ¾” is the minimum slit width and 1500 lbs is the maximum weight we can accommodate.


We can pre-film your coils before running panels to ensure no scratching.  In addition, we can pre-film trim before bending or perforating (this applies for custom trim as well).


We can perforate anything from soffit panels to custom trim. Maximum width for trim pieces is 30” while allowing as many perforations as desired with a minimum spacing of 5/16” between each perforation. Maximum width of soffit panels is 20” while allowing 2 rows of perforation per panel.


We have the ability to solder any roofing application you might have from crickets to pipe jacks to custom flashings. We can solder any gauge in copper.

Custom Flashings

With over 40 years of combined knowledge in the sheet metal/roofing industry, we can create custom flashings or architectural beauty pieces. We have done custom pieces from 8-sided cupolas to custom collector boxes, from firewood boxes to fire pits, or from range hoods to counter tops.


We have the ability to weld whatever you may need. With a MIG setup and a TIG setup, we’re able to weld cold rolled steel, stainless, copper and aluminum. Minimum thicknesses are 18ga steel, 36oz. copper and .063” aluminum.

Plasma Cutting/Torching

To go hand in hand with welding, we have the ability to plasma cut or torch heavier gauge sheet metal as well as heavy duty tubes, angle, or bar stock.

Shop Drawings

We now offer shop drawings for you to submit and get the job. With two plotters, AutoCAD 2009, and the know-how we can meet the specs for any job you might run into. If a weather-tight warranty is what you need, we can accommodate the drawings for that as well.


Every company in the U.S. has something different they do or sell. Therefore, we try to offer our products to anyone and everyone, from the east coast to the west coast. We can bomb-proof whatever needs to be shipped to you to ensure your high-value material makes it to you safely.

Cutting up to 16ga mild steel

Bending up to 14ga mild steel
Bending up to 14′ long

On site panel fabrication

On site 1/2 round gutter fabrication

  • Welding, Mig & Tig
  • Snow retention systems
  • Heat Cable
  • Rusty Gutters
  • Metal roof packages
  • Range hoods
  • Wall panels
  • Metal siding
  • Corrugated roof and wall panels

We can also draw CAD documents, shop drawings, etc.

Premium Panels does not install any materials. Please contact us for a list of certified installers.