Premium Lock Panels PL200, 24 ga, Standard Colors

$2.59 per sq. ft

  • UL 90 Rated*
  • 2″ Mechanically Seamed
  • Choose from the Standard Colors shown in the color charts
  • Also available in Western Rust, Copper, Zinc and Aluminum colors—please call
  • 35-year warranty on painted material
  • Concealed fasteners
  • 14″ & 18″ standard widths
  • Custom widths available between 12″ and 18″; please call for information
  • Curving/Radiuses; please call for information
  • Oil canning is not a cause for rejection
  • Prices are per square foot

* This product retains a UL90 rating with specific materials only.

NOTE: We can add Stiffing Ribs and Clip Relief to any panel at no additional cost.
Stiffing Ribs: Choose from 1 or 2 ribs per panel and select from 6 rib profiles; Bead, Large Pencil, Small Pencil, Large V, Small V and Striation (see Stiffing Ribs illustrations below). If you choose to include Stiffing Ribs on your panels, you must specify that and enter the number of Stiffing Ribs per panel (1 or 2) and the profile choice in the “Order Notes” section at checkout.
Clip Relief: If you’d like us to add Clip Relief to your panels, please be sure to enter “Add Clip Relief” in the “Order Notes” section at checkout.


Helpful links:

UL Database

Plywood Details

Metal Deck Details

ISO Details

Open Purlin Details

How to Order Our Panels

Step 1. Determine your desired panel length in feet, inches and fractional inches then convert it to feet plus decimal feet using a maximum of two decimal points; format XX.XX (see fractional to decimal equivalent chart at right). For example, if you need a panel that’s 6 feet, 3-5/8 inches long: 3-5/8″ converts to 3.625″; so divide 3.625″ by 12″, which is 0.30 feet, and add to the 6 feet = a length of 6.30 feet.

Step 2. Choose the desired panel width (in inches) from the dropdown menu.

Step 3. Enter the quantity of panels you need of this length. The number of square feet in each panel and the price per panel will be displayed.

Step 4. Add your panels to the cart.

Step 5. Repeat Steps 1–4 for each different panel length you need; your cart will be updated.


Total Area (sq. ft.)
Product Price
Category: SKU: PL2004S

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Matte Black-CMG, Matte Black-DRX, Matte Black-MS, City Scape, Pebble Clay, Ash Gray-CMG, Ash Gray-MS, Charcoal, Musket Gray, Slate Gray-CMG, Slate Gray-DRX, Slate Gray-MS, Old Town Grey, Old Zinc Gray, Stone White, Snowdrift White, Linen White, River Teal, Hartford Green-CMG, Hartford Green-DRX, Hemlock Green-CMG, Hemlock Green-DRX, Teal, Bone White-CMG, Bone White-DRX, Classic Green-CMG, Classic Green-MS, Regal Red, Slate Blue-CMG, Slate Blue-DRX, Almond, Terra Cotta-CMG, Terra Cotta-DRX, Terra Cotta-MS, Burgundy-CMG, Burgundy-DRX, Royal Blue, Sandstone-CMG, Sandstone-DRX, Sandstone-MS, Colonial Red-CMG, Colonial Red-DRX, Colonial Red-MS, Dark Bronze-CMG, Dark Bronze-DRX, Dark Bronze-MS, Medium Bronze-CMG, Medium Bronze-DRX, Medium Bronze-MS, Sierra Tan-CMG, Sierra Tan-DRX, Mansard Brown, Burnished Slate, Dove Gray, Teal Blue, Regal White, Parchment, Felt Green, Patriot Red, Tahoe Blue, Ocean Blue, Regal Blue, Galvalume-DRX, Galvalume-MS, Galvalume Plus, Patina Green-DRX, Patina Green-MS, Forest Green, Pacific Blue, Island Blue, Deep Blue Sea, Brilliant Red, Buckskin, Bright Silver, Drexlume, Taupe, Khaki, Weathered Copper, Brandywine, Cold Rolled Steel, Aged Copper-DRX, Aged Copper-MS, Charcoal Gray


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