PBR Panel

$4.35$6.10 per sq. ft

  • Exposed direct-fastened panel
  • 1 ¼” rib height, 36” panel coverage
  • 26ga and 24ga standard
  • Minimum 1/12 Roof Pitch
  • Prices are per square foot

Available with a 5–7 day lead time in 24ga material in these colors:

Linen White-MS, Snow Drift White-MS, Sandstone-MS, Khaki-MS, Taupe-MS, Ash Gray-MS, Zinc Gray-MS, Slate Gray-MS, Burnished Slate-MS, Dark Bronze-MS, Terra Cotta-MS, Colonial Red-MS, Ocean Blue-MS, Tahoe Blue-MS, Aged Copper-MS, Patina Green-MS, Classic Green-MS, Felt Green-MS, River Teal-MS, Mansard Brown-MS, Matte Black-MS, Mistique Plus-MS, Galvalume-MS

See color chart below.

Also available in 24ga in Patriot Red, Copper Penny, Metallic Silver and Champagne Metallic. Please call for pricing.

Also available in 26ga, please call for information and pricing.

Panel Details

How to Order Our Panels

Step 1. Determine your desired panel length in feet, inches and fractional inches then convert it to feet plus decimal feet using a maximum of two decimal points; format XX.XX (see fractional to decimal equivalent chart at right). For example, if you need a panel that’s 6 feet, 3-5/8 inches long: 3-5/8″ converts to 3.625″; so divide 3.625″ by 12″, which is 0.30 feet, and add to the 6 feet = a length of 6.30 feet.

Step 2. Enter the quantity of panels you need of this length. The number of square feet in each panel and the price per panel will be displayed.

Step 3. Add your panels to the cart.

Step 4. Repeat Steps 1–4 for each different panel length you need; your cart will be updated.

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