At Premium Panels Inc., our goal is simple. Provide our customers with the ultimate in service and product in a precise and timely manner. Our hundred plus combined years of service in Metal Panel Roofing from the installation, as well as the manufacturing side assures our customers of the very best in quality, service, and product. We take pride in the fact that our equipment, both in the field and in house is state of the art and top quality. Our operators and crew are well trained and knowledgeable and will be happy to assist you with any concerns you may have. By using Premium Panels for your residential or business roofing project, you can be completely confident that we will provide a top quality roof that will last a lifetime.

Premium Panels Inc. provides the highest quality Metal Roofing Panels for commercial or residential Roofing in the marketplace today. We offer multiple profiles for Standing Seam Roofing applications and also carry a large inventory of stock in various colors and gauges to handle any project from Lapped Panels to Soffit Panels and Flush Wall Panels. Our inventory also includes Corrugated Metals either painted or plain galvanized in a variety of sizes and profiles.

From Roofing Metal to Trim Metal, on your job site, or in our shop, we have the equipment, expertise, and personnel to save you time and money and make you a happy customer for a lifetime    


Weather Delay Policy:

To whom it may concern,

In regards to weather delays, PPI will make every effort to roll form panels, gutters or make your delivery on your scheduled date; rain, snow or shine. However, PPI may cancel your scheduled date if the weather or job site poses a safety hazard to any PPI employee or equipment. This determination is at the sole discretion of any PPI employee. We will make every available effort to reschedule as soon as possible but we are restricted to available dates. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we value safety over production.

Field Forming of Roofing Panels

Premium Panels Inc is pleased that you have chosen us to fabricate your roofing panels in the field. By having your panels roll formed in continuous lengths, you have eliminated lap joints which are a major source of roofing leaks.

In order to prepare you for site forming, we have prepared the following list to help make the project run smoothly.

Premium Panels Inc. will provide the following items:

  1. Panel forming / curving equipment.
  2. A qualified, factory trained field technician

The contractor is responsible for providing the following items:

  1. The necessary manpower to move and stack the panels on the roof or ground
  2. A crane or forklift suitable for moving the equipment and materials
  3. A safe working area

The initial setup can take 2-4 hours or more, depending on site conditions and machine setups. Your personnel should be on site and ready during this period in order to get the site prepared. Sometimes difficulties with the equipment arise or problems with the material occur. While we will do our best to minimize any non-productive time, it does occur, and you should be prepared. The customer is responsible for providing a reasonable amount of material for set up.

Please have your panel list ready for our field technician. The contractor is responsible for field measuring. Once we are set up, we run off the list as quickly as possible. Do not plan on installing the panels while we are site-forming unless you have provided a separate crew for installation.

Make sure you have enough personnel to move and stack the product properly. You will need 2 people for the first 15’ of panel, and 1 person for each additional 15’. For example, a 60’ panel will require 5 people. We are not responsible for damaged panels after they are formed.

Weather conditions present the most difficult challenges. We define bad or inclimate weather as rain, mist, snow, sleet and high winds. We will not sit form during any inclimate weather. If bad weather is forecasted for the day we are to site form, we will postpone until the next available day. Our field technician will be the sole judge in determining whether or not to start, or if we have started, to continue, or wait out the storm. The safety of our technician, your personnel, and our equipment are our primary concern.

We will do our best to work with you to provide a quality product produced in a timely manner. As with any work performed on site, downtime will occur, and the weather may delay the start and/or production. We will not be responsible for, or accept any back charges for problems or delays associated with site-forming.

Thank you for choosing Premium Panels Inc.









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